Respecting the Dignity and Worth of the Person

In all our work at Partner for Mental Health, we seek to advance our values that care provision and policy development should be person centered, trauma informed, and evidence based.

Person Centered

Person-centered practices are designed to assure that people experiencing mental illness and the disease of addiction have the same rights and responsibilities as other people, including:

  • Expressing what you want in your everyday life
  • Developing and maintaining control of your life
  • Making your own informed choices
  • Connecting to and contributing to the community
  • Having meaningful personal relationships
  • Finding purpose, joy, and opportunities for personal growth
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Partner for Mental Health respects you and keeps you at the center of our relationship by:

• Listening to you fully and without judgment
• Asking you, “What matters to you?” and partnering with you to create your own plan to achieve these things
• Working in partnership with you and whomever else you choose to support you in living the life you want for yourself
• Making sure you have enough information to make informed choices about matters that impact your life—and then honoring those choices
• Advocating for you when others do not listen to you or do not respect your autonomy
• Protecting your privacy and confidentiality
• Valuing flexibility and creative problem-solving
• Meeting you where you are, literally and figuratively
• Distinguishing between your authentic self and your disease
• Never making decisions on your behalf
• Never penalizing you for experiencing symptoms of your mental illness or addiction

Trauma Informed

Trauma-informed care and systems understand that behaviors that are currently getting in your way and preventing you from reaching your goals may have previously served to protect you from, or help you survive, traumatic events. Services and systems that are trauma informed understand the complex nature and effects of trauma and promote resilience and healing.

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Trauma-informed care and support:

• Creates safe physical environments for healing
• Provides clear and consistent information to establish a relationship grounded in trust
• Offers choices and options, respecting that you are the expert on your own life
• Celebrates your strengths and helps you utilize them to build the life you want and deserve

As a trauma-informed organization, Partner for Mental Health promises to honor your autonomy and to always respond to you with transparency, consistency, and empathy. We will help you meet your goals at your pace. We have great respect for the obstacles you have already overcome and great faith in your ability to overcome even more.

Evidence Based

We believe that people with mental illness or addiction who want clinical care deserve treatment that has been proven to be effective. For that reason, we think public funding for behavioral health care should be reserved for interventions demonstrating a strong basis in evidence and that public policies related to behavioral health should also be grounded in evidence.

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We help ensure these ideals are upheld by serving on the statewide team—appointed by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS)—working to redesign Virginia’s publicly funded mental health service system into a seamless continuum of evidence-based care.