We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with the Albemarle Rescue Squad to form HART, Human Services Alternative Response Team, as an alternative to police being the first response to behavioral health and substance use emergencies.  HART partners with navigators to provide follow-up services to address referrals for treatment, continued home care, harm reduction supplies, and much more.

Support from your donations goes to address client needs such as initial appointment costs, applications, food insecurity navigation, and adequate staffing. These are just a few of the ways your help has made an impact. And if you choose to make a recurring gift, we can ensure our community members in need thrive as they make their first steps in their recovery journey.

We truly appreciate your one-time gifts that have allowed us to reach specific goals and have made a noticeable difference to our community. Partners, our new giving community, offers a way to help our clients thrive in their recovery directly.  Recurring gifts provide sustainability over the months to come and are a convenient way for you to show your support and help fund our clients’ basic needs. Easily sign up online to make an impact without worrying about writing another check! (Unless you want to.) Become a Partner today, and you will enjoy the following: 

  • Quick, easy, and secure automatic monthly donations from your credit card or bank account.
  • Knowing your gift is received quickly and used immediately.
  • Monthly updates on how your gift is making an impact
  • Complete financial statements provided for tax purposes (upon request)
  • The reassurance that you are genuinely making a positive impact for others. 

Click the Donate link here and show support by making a recurring gift. Suggested amounts are below, but we are grateful for your recurring gift or a single donation of any amount.

Thank you for considering the opportunity to increase your impact and continue supporting Partner for Mental Health!